We are a financial boutique for startups and entrepreneurs.
No matter how big or small - With us You can create, grow and develop your operations efficiently.



Our team is made up of professionals with extensive networks in different fields of business considering finance, marketing and law. For instance, we have helped our customers with financial planning all the way from seed stage to maintaining VC investor relations.

Working with us is easy and flexible. Because of our compact organization, we are able to focus on the needs of the customer in a qualitative and personal way. Our way of working is casual, so cooperation with us is easy and you have time to focus on the things that matter to you the most.

The goal of our consulting service is to guide Your growth and deepen our partnerships.


Explore our portfolios and get ideas for your own investment.


Our mission - provide financial value flexibly and casually
— Flexing.ltd Team


What We do

  • Cash management and cash flow

  • Financial round planning

  • Different forms of financing

  • Cooperation with investors

  • Strategic partnerships

  • Investment portfolios

  • Balance sheet planning

  • Growth strategies